Eagle Falls Trailhead – South Lake Tahoe, CA.

After our last hike at Palomarin Trailhead, which was about ten miles long, we (clear throat) I wanted a shorter hike.  My boys did great on the last hike it was I who shed a few tears towards the end!  My boys are physically active and all three have hiked since they were about 3 years old.  Unfortunately, I am the unhealthy inactive one in … Continue reading Eagle Falls Trailhead – South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Palomarin Trailhead – Alamere Falls, Bolinas, CA

There are so many beautiful beaches in Point Reyes, California, you can close your eyes, choose one, and be happy with your trip.  Last week, we did just that.  I did the honors, I closed my eyes and pointed.  Alamere Falls it was. We traveled a little further down the coast to Bolinas, CA, an adorable little town that chooses to stay hidden.  Lucky, we … Continue reading Palomarin Trailhead – Alamere Falls, Bolinas, CA

Point Reyes, CA. – South Beach

Are there any beaches in California that aren’t beautiful?  If so, I haven’t found it yet.  My family loves the beach and we can spend every day of the week visiting a new one.  My boys spend their time outrunning the waves and digging holes for hours.  My husband enjoys the beach.  Growing up he surfed in Southern California, our Northern California beaches are very different. … Continue reading Point Reyes, CA. – South Beach

Inverness, Ca.

Last weekend, while on our way to Point Reyes Beach we drove through the small, peaceful town of Inverness.  I wish I knew more about the shipwreck.  I suppose if we weren’t in such a rush to make it to the beach before the heavy fog rolled in I would have asked someone in town.  I did find some interesting information about shipwrecks at Point … Continue reading Inverness, Ca.